Makeup & Hair Influencer & Artist

Negar Khoshgoo

I’m a makeup artist and a hairstylist, however, the two titles are beyond mere jobs or income sources. I view them as an art woven within me. The moment I help bring out one’s natural beauty, I feel my soul flying. Over the course of my professional life, I have always strived to helping my clients discover their better and perhaps best selves. I believe all individuals are beautiful in their unique way, and I strive to make them believe in their beauty.

Another remarkable part of being a makeup artist is being able to help educate and nurture those who are interested in this art.

Their transformation and growth in this direction make me feel born again and provide me with a new perspective of the profession every time.

My Story

I have always had a profound love for art, fashion and beauty; so much so, that at just 10 years old, I was giving full blown makeovers to anyone that would allow me.I turned my childhood passion into a successful career as a MUA, hairstylist, and beauty instructor. Through years of experience and extensive training, I have honed my creativity and developed my own unique style.