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About Negar Khoshgoo

I’m a makeup artist and a hairstylist, however, the two titles are beyond mere jobs or income sources. I view them as an art woven within me. The moment I help bring out one’s natural beauty, I feel my soul flying.

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Bridal Service

Negar Khoshgoo provides luxury bridal makeup and hair services to you on your special wedding day. Negar has been creating breathtaking bridal looks since 2011.


Thank you for choosing Negar Khoshgoo for your big day! We know your wedding will be one to remember and we look forward to being part of your story.
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Makeup & Hairstyl

Negar Khoshgoo provides a variety of makeup and hair services for clients looking for:
Prom and Grad ceremonies
Portrait and Photography
Special events
Fashion and Editorial events
TV and Film Projects
Body Painting


Thank you for choosing Negar Khoshgoo for your special day!
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I have always had a profound love for art, fashion and beauty; so much so, that at just 10 years old, I was giving full blown makeovers to anyone that would allow me.


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