What is Editorial Makeup and What are Its Features?

Definition of Editorial

Traditionally, the word “editorial” belongs to the realm of writing and articles. As a noun, it often refers to newspapers and magazines (including their online counterparts) where the opinions of editors and publishers are presented. As an adjective, “editorial” often pertains to the work of editors – those responsible for preparing written content for publication, editing, making changes, correcting errors, and more.

Modern Use of the Word Editorial

Today, how is the word “editorial” used? In its most general sense, this term signifies “visually striking,” especially if it evokes high fashion.

Editorial Makeup

In the world of makeup, editorial refers to looks that are primarily used for professional photoshoots, fashion shows, and advertisements. This type of makeup often involves the use of creative techniques, bold colors, and unusual designs that are designed to attract attention and create a strong visual impact.

Features of Editorial Makeup

  1. Creativity and Innovation: Editorial makeup allows artists to showcase their creativity and use innovative techniques and designs.
  2. Use of Bold Colors: Bright and bold colors are a hallmark of this style, helping to create strong visual effects.
  3. Attention to Detail: Precision in executing details and using unusual elements like jewelry, feathers, and other decorations can enhance the visual quality of editorial makeup.
  4. Theme Coordination: Editorial makeup is often aligned with a specific theme or concept, which helps to reinforce the overall idea of the photo or fashion show.


Editorial makeup is a form of visual art that allows makeup artists to step beyond everyday boundaries and create looks that are impactful and eye-catching. By using innovative techniques and bold colors, this style can attract and captivate more attention.

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