How to Execute a Monochromatic Makeup Look Like a Pro

Why Monochromatic Makeup?

This style of makeup can be both simple and stunning. A common misconception about monochromatic makeup is that using one color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips will make the overall look flat and dimensionless. However, Anthony offers a simple solution to avoid this issue: “Choose shades that complement your complexion and skin tone. Reds, pinks, and browns can look beautiful on everyone.” She also notes, “Using purples, plums, and oranges can be stunning, as long as you’re not afraid of shimmery shades!”

Tips for Professional Monochromatic Makeup

  1. Choose the Right Color: Select shades that harmonize with your skin tone. Colors like red, pink, and brown are universally flattering.
  2. Play with Shadows: To prevent your makeup from looking flat, carefully choose and blend your shadows. Using darker and lighter shades can add depth and dimension to your face.
  3. Embrace Shimmery Shades: Don’t shy away from shimmery colors. Shades like purple, plum, and orange can give a captivating and unique look.
  4. Blend and Distribute Colors Well: Anthony advises blending and distributing the colors well to make your makeup look more natural and professional. This tip is especially important for blush to avoid a clownish appearance.


Monochromatic makeup is an easy and quick way to achieve a professional look, suitable for both beginners and experts. By choosing the right colors and blending them correctly, you can create a stunning and unique appearance. So, don’t be afraid to try this makeup style and boldly use different colors to achieve the desired result.

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